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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the short list....

Finalized the paperwork on selling the house. Found a stash of old artwork. Fixed the heater and defroster controls on the '57 Hawk with tuner cleaner. Got the gas pump primed on the '47 Champion and it still won't run. The carburetor is next. Reached the half-way point in making a dumper-dived hybrid of an office chair and a Peterbuilt seat. I think that the RC club moved their flying night to Friday, which leaves me kind of SOL since I work that night.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

that manga eye thingie

Starting to semi-leisurely scan in the old apazine stuff and finding a few forgotten items like this bright eyed cutie.

Here's an expanded Wish List of items that I would like some good clean xeroxes or 300 dpi scans of to fill in the archival gaps in Tube Punk:


1983 Leonine Calendar: January and November pages

1987 Leonine Press/HMASPC Calendar: July

Captain Saucer #7 magazine sized version, pages 4 and 5

Captain Saucer #9, Brad Foster's Flexia pin-up

"Elephant Boy" strip that was filler in one of the Matt Feazell/Not Available mini-comics.

JJ’s Platters ads

Large Economy Size two-tone and Cover

Losing Faith magazine: “Goddess/Muse”

Pert and the Hermanettes from Father’s Mustache

Rockin’ Ronnie T-shirt

Rip Off Press InterStellar OverDrive promo flyer and poster

Two color Flexia turn-around circa ’86-7


Photo of Dipple Hall “Nukleia and Aliens” mural at the IWCC Dorms

Maybe Published:

Bunny Train Redux pages 2-3

Bucolic Revelations

Had an hectic night at work last night after the power flickered and many DBCSes, DIOSSes, and their operators had to be babied to get back up and running. Plug lots of little repairs around that.

Running up to Soldier later today to take care of some legal stuff concerning selling the house and the usual errands and projects. Last time I tightened up the door handles and window cranks and adjusted the steering sector and passenger door on Mom's beater pick-up. I hope that she liked it.

Had a dream last night that there was a square block or two of a Leian community in Omaha. Mainly stores and the apparentments above them decorated to show their ethnic pride. Somebody gave me a CD of Flexia reading some recent Leian book that was translated into English.

Monday, May 29, 2006

the end of the '80s

Got all the old Captain Saucers pretty much scanned in and corrected. My personal end of the '80s was finishing up Captain Saucer #20 and closing the original series. The splash panel is excerpted here.

Now shifting over to scanning in the mop up art and APAs.

Here's my wish list mop-ups if any of my fans from the '80s wish to be helpful. Please send 300 dpi scans.

The January and November pages from the 1983 Leonine Calendar.

My "Elephant Boy" strip that was filler in on a Matt Feazell/Not Available mini-comics.

Pages 4 and 5 from the magazine sized version of Captain Saucer #7.

Brad Foster's Flexia pin-up from Captain Saucer #9

Color scan of July from the 1987 Leonine Press/HMASPC Calendar.

The two color xerox cover and "Large Economy Size" back cover from the commercial parody issue of Chuck Bunker/Chuckles Productions, either entitled Balder Dash or Diddley Squat circa 1986.

That strip with Pert Herman and my two balloon-chested girls from Sam Henderson/WLH publication Father's Mustache, probably issue #2.

That big two-page panel from "Fanboy; Bunny Train Redux/The Muse's Off Day/Dedicated to Sonic Youth.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

beautiful chimera

The term mash-up didn't exist in the '80s, so I invented the phrase "beautiful chimera" to describe when I was doing that sort of thing. The Cseworld Leonine InterStellar OverDrive #3 was a menagerie of beautiful chimeras from the chimeric cyclops elfmimi to roadster tractors to mashing up Art Nouveau, Deco, Constructivism, WPA, and Social Realism. Also did a Dr. Frankenstein style sewing the thing together from an spotty xerox ashcan and originals that got cut-up for an improved version that never got finished. A more involved project than even recapping that Studebaker radio.

So why are chimera considered chimeric while gryphons and centaurs aren't?

Did a major update of my Deviant Art site yesterday. Link in sidebar.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

orangey! orangey good! good! good!

Did my first recapping of an old radio yesterday. Replaced the old wax capacitors in my '57 Studebaker radio with new Vishay-Sprague Orange Drops. That was in interesting experience. I swear the radio sounds better then before! It makes me wonder how vapid the old wax caps were.

Haven't saw so much orangey goodness since Grandpa and his Allis Chalmers dealership was still around!

Had some major thunder-boomers last night. Even got out of bed to shut down and unplug the computers. Then had to get up and baby the cable modem back on line this morning.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Just did the grocery run and am posting more randomness from my sketchbook.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"f is for cyclop!"

While their reputation for being bellicose is way overstated, let's face it, they aren't a particularly bright race....

Back in Omaha and back into the workin' week.

The ol' '47 Champion isn't getting gas to the carburetor. Will try a less dried out and crumbly gasket on the sediment bulb.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'coptered in

Got the Hawk running today. Now if the bodyman ever gets around to welding it together.... The Champion tries to start but seems stymied by bad gasoline. Am currently siphoning the bad watery gas out. Picked up some used tires for it and pecked away on some other projects.

Mom is Norwalk with Sue's family. Sue's husband's mother just died.

Sketch is based on an image in a dream.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

vegetative state

Finished scanning Lumpy before I went up to Soldier. That polishes off the Main Box. Now it's just down to mopping up whatever odd and end drawings that can be found. Waiting for Mom to come back from an errand in Council Bluffs so that she can run an Aunt's van over to the body shop, so that I can pick her up there. Making token dents in various little projects up here. Found out that the engine in the '47 Studebaker Champion isn't stuck. Will buy a battery for that and the Hawk tonight if Mom gets up here in time. Got my Orange Drop capacitors from Mouse. Trying to find some cans of black Rustoleum. Here's an alien inspired my a vague memory of a hanging air-plant. This has been on the drive for a while but I don't think that this has been posted here yet.

Monday, May 22, 2006

catch the next saucer...

Down to the last folder of art in the "main box" and it's the cringe inducing "Lumpy the Amazon". Still way behind on correcting. Did correct Captain Saucer #17 and #18 today. Some inspired stuff, but too bad that I didn't even start figuring out figure rendering until the next decade. Here's a panel from the 1984 CS #10, good Googie with rough execution.

I'm currently enjoying the random play in iTunes. Getting to shuffle through a lot of lesser listened to and perhaps personally underrated songs in the mp3 library. Plus it's amusing when a late '80s Sonic Youth atonal maelstrom slams into a syrupy late '70s ELO ballad!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

land yacht

The temperature has cooled off after "almost getting to be air conditioning weather". Corrected Captain Saucer #2 and #14 through #17 and the Leonine Press InterStellar OverDrive #0 since yesterday. Am currently scanning the Leonine ISOD#3 and related. I am being to see the end of all of this scanning. The APPS machine at work has been up and running for past couple of days but I keep forgetting to mention it. A comic panel from 1984 that was inspired enough, but sure could have used a lot more technique.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

suddenly it's '90!

Corrected Captain Saucer #13 and finished scanning the Leonine InterStellar OverDrive #1 and am working on #2. Scanning #1 took longer than I thought, but it did include some very nice handmade color separations by Geoff Everts, who I miss. Coming in early does solve some of the weekday parking hassles. Pat Pat Moriarity is a guest at a comics con in Seattle today, he may give some lip service to my stuff.

Friday, May 19, 2006

gem of a hologram

Scanned in the Leonine Press InterStellar OverDrive issues #0 and #1 today. Excerpt is from ISOD#1. Did initial corrections on Captain Saucer#10 and #11. Still working on a solution to the parking problem. Left 20 minutes early yesterday and still didn't find an open space. Will try 40 minutes early today and play with corrections or Flash on my iBook in the break-room while waiting to clock in.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

retro radio

Scanned in Flim Flam Fox and Galactic Gazongas this morning around the errand run encompassing Radio Shack, Family Dollar, Super Saver Supermarket, and Runza. Here's a panel excerpt from Captain Saucer #9, 1984,with more Brad Bird style retro Google before there was Brad Bird style retro Google. "Jesus is My Big Dualie" is a country Western spoof. Trivia: can anybody name the real Alt Rock song after that?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

miracles out of nowhere

Not really. Just stuck for a title and free associated. Scanning through Epic Fun with Fanboy. Now there is a big "What was I thinking?" Will try to get productive on the InterStellar OverDrive revival despite myself. If the wind doesn't kick up too bad, will get a RC lesson tonight. A Flexia turn-around from 1986.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

it's been a hard day's night

Managed to scan in no less than five issues of Captain Saucer before work yesterday.

And then things got really hectic....

Had AFCS duty at work when three of the AFCSes decided to have some over the top problems. And then I got off work to find that the Farmer's Cadillac was towed to impound.

Spent two hours this morning getting it back. I was dumped off at the impound yard by an acquaintance from work and then waited for the yard to open. When they opened they didn't take checks or credit cards. So I walked seven blocks west over to a bank and waited for them to open. I grabbed coffee and a breakfast substitute at a convenience store while waiting. Then got my money and walked back the seven blocks and freed my poor pick-up.

I seriously need to find a answer to the parking problem. I was parked illegally because the place doesn't have enough employee parking. I need to find a legal solution, but that cycles back to parking illegally because that too has eluded me for the past year. Grrrr!

Plus, JHC! Why are they soooo obsessive about parking while a whole lot of nothing happened the three times that I've had car stereo stuff stolen? Double GRRRR!

I'm unwinding by watching some banned cartoons on YouTube and scanning Captain Saucer #20 and a folder of Flexia odds and ends. CS#20 was the last of the original series. The Flexia folder included a couple that eluded me plus quite a few forgotten items.

Random image: the Nazi Muppets from the 1984 Leonine Press Calendar. Certain people misunderstood it as an endorsement of the Nazis when it was obviously a putdown of the Muppets. Like are they bending over backward to misunderstand and badmouth me?

Monday, May 15, 2006

the car of tomorrow, today!

Feel a little dull this morning because it feels like something leaden is taking its own miserable time slowly sinking through my digestive system. At least I'm scanning those old Captain Saucers so that its not totally non-productive. Just passed my personal record of scanning three of these before work and am trying for four. Did CS #15 and #16 from the personal down year of 1986 and #17 from the inspired if mixed year of '87. Now working on #18.

Here's a fun if rough mash-up from the 1982 Second Series Captain Saucer #1, Retro meets Blade Runner. That car is a mash-up of '50s Kaisers and Chryslers. That model is called the "Atalanta"....

Sunday, May 14, 2006

party like it's 1985!

Just scanned through Captain Saucer #13 and #14 from 1985. A lot of people thought that CS #13 was some of the best Captain Saucer stuff ever. It was a rough and rowdy, whacked out and loose parody of the Dune recasting the Harkonen surrogates as the Industrial Rockin' party animal heroes and the Freemen surrogates as mean ol' Political Correctness Hippie baddies. You weren't supposed to do that back then!

Also corrected the Second Series Captain Saucer #1 plus a ton of old pin-ups, a "lost" project and other miscellaneous stuff.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Scanned in the old Captain Saucer issues #11 and #12 this morning. #10 was the symbolic halfway point. Also corrected whole directories full of old miscellaneous arts and pin-ups. Here's one of Pex, Flexia's whacked out cousin, apparently come to Earth and gone native in a drawing from 1990. Yet another back-handed tribute to a certain guilty pleasure. And way I've overhauled my style since then.

Friday, May 12, 2006

the eye has it

Jasper has settled back into being his ol' little fuzz-bucket self. Did a grocery run while Cox was having on and off internet this morning. Almost got that Miscellaneous stash scanned.

Some Phoolin' that I don't think that I posted before. Any advice on how to get the hair and eye to look right would be appreciated.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

the little pussy bit me!

Finally hauled Jasper back down to Omaha after a little tussle to catch him and stuff him in the Porta-pussy. The weather sure took a dump for the colder and windier. Finished scanning Captain Saucer#10 and one and a half stashes of fun old '80 and '90s pinups before I went up to Soldier. Starting on a folder full of miscellaneous items that should keep me busy for a day or two.

January '86 Calendar art.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

waiting to inhale

Just trying to slip a blog in before I catch the sunset here up in Soldier. Just hammering away on different projects. Got two trailer wheels cleaned up and painted and mounted to get a half finished trailer ready for whatever is the next step. Finished turning another dead scanner into a light box. Washed and waxed the Farmer's Cadillac. Hit an impasse in getting the cylinder honed and the valves ground for an old Honda ATC-90, either got to find the tools or someone with the expertise. Yanked another old tube radio out of another old Studebaker.

Too windy for RC plane training tonight. >:(

Funky old art from the 1985 Leonine Press Calendar.

Oddly enough, "Waiting to Inhale" was my first piece over at my Deviant Art site (link in sidebar) to hit 1000 views.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Finally sold the house in Soldier, Iowa! I finally unloaded the white elephant that I don't live in anymore! Only after a few years and several dead-ends.

I'm going to celebrate by going down to have a gyro at King Kong and then drive up to the farm to work on the Studebaker Hawk and the Hondas.

Found a cool promo poster that I whipped up back in 1995 for the aborted Rip Off Press revival of InterStellar OverDrive. Not totally happy with the face and legs. Otherwise this was painfully done old school. The "InterStellar OverDrives" were xeroxed several times and rubber cemented down and cleaned up. Ink spotted in with a brush around those clippings. The figures cut out and rubber cemented and cleaned up over all that

Monday, May 08, 2006

beat the beatles

Today Apple Computer has prevailed over Apple Corps in British trademark court. So everybody Montegreen along! "I call you up/ Your line's engaged/ So get off the web and act your age!"

Also fixed the link below for ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down".

Scanning through the old Captain Saucer issues #8 and #9 today. Here's a panel detail of a funny in-joke parody movie poster parody from CS#8. Wanted to squeeze in scanning #10 and wrap up 1984, but it doesn't look like I'll have time before work.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the square and the curvy

Scanned in Captain Saucer issues #4, #6, and #7 today. Way behind in correcting these things. Still haven't even started on issue #1!

My sketch of "Norman Oklahoma". The name suggested an older uncle type or an old school high school basketball coach. "You call what these overpaid millionaires play basketball? All showboating and no go! Their so-called flying three-sixty can take a flying can take a flying three-sixty! Back my day, when we won the state finals in fifty-three!, we were drilled and drilled on the fundamentals until we were polished and professional! The coach didn't allow no show-offy BS to get in the why of efficient teamwork!"

More fun with YouTube embeds: the catgirl (sort of)!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

ran ragged

Had a hectic day. Running myself ragged doing chores and errands getting from Soldier to Omaha. Traffic congestion because of construction and Cynco De Mayo. When over to Ground Zero to pick up free comics and see Mike Worley. Then went to work and ended up replacing an ailing and noisy three-phase motor in my main machine.

Anyway, an INJ is an Ink Jet Printer, the industrial strength Video Jet PC-70 and PC-80s models that cost a few grand.

Friday, May 05, 2006

i just flew in from norman and, boy, are my arms tired!

Flew back up to Soldier. Will be back in the working week tomorrow. Made a connection in Houston in their crowded airport after the flight was delayed for nearly an hour for maintenance. That gave me the perfect chance to savor the $8 hamburger. Some day I will spend some time in this city and check out the LBJ Space Center. Was last at LBJ in ’75.

Saw a “wire” sticking through the topside of a cloudbank. Although intuition tells me it’s something unworldly, my best guess that it’s just a very high TV tower in unusually low hanging clouds.

Got up to Soldier just in time to run myself ragged trying to get the house ready for yet another prospective buyer.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

feets do yer stuff....

Breezed through the bug exercises and the final! I am flying home tomorrow. Will lay some ink on some Dragonmen tonight to celebrate. Flying home tomorrow. Here's a sketch of a machine in a dream.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

can't get it out of my head....

One more day of IJP training!

And an old drawing of Flexia that I may or may not have posted before but can't remember....

Been on and off in enjoying a certain guilty pleasure on YouTube and beginning to really understand why I should feel guilty and why they got a lot of flack.

I did that drawing below that featured a mash-up of various items that didn't belong together and was named after one of their songs, "10538 Overture". I found out that things that don't go together were also happening in their old videos. And some very limited animation is making it even cheesier. Like reusing the same spaceship over and over again. Not like it's only a fraction as profound as it thinks it is.

Like cowboys and spaceships and a pegasus.

So what does the neon hot-dog, the baton majorette caricature, or the spaceship have to do with the song or even each other?

Slightly more thematically cohesive is this vid, but it's another sappy rewrite of "A Day in the Life" and the synthesized shooby-dooby-wop-a-bops are like the Moog Cookbook in real life!

And, of course, they wuz better before they went commercial....

Plus I just want to see if I can pull off the html for all these embeds and how it would look....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i tell ya whut....

Half way done with IJP training. I just noticed today that one of the instructors talks like Hank Hill, including the buzz phrase.

Apple just came out with TV adds with a Suit and a Scenester as similes on PCs and Macs. Only about 11-14 years overdue....

Apologies if today's random art has been posted before. I don't think that it has, but I don't want to look through months of archives to check it out.

Monday, May 01, 2006

blown away....

Finished up my first day of IJP training down in breezy Norman, Oklahoma. Will draw after this blog.

Last night I had a dream that combined a bit of the old and the new. The old was that my sister and I were living with Mom and Dad at the house on the farm. Then everybody went down to the basement as a tornado blew over breaking out glass and sucking personal property out of the windows. The new came in when everyone went up to check out the resultant mess and I found out that my stash of old art, including a lot of so far unscanned items, was among the things blown away.