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Monday, May 29, 2006

the end of the '80s

Got all the old Captain Saucers pretty much scanned in and corrected. My personal end of the '80s was finishing up Captain Saucer #20 and closing the original series. The splash panel is excerpted here.

Now shifting over to scanning in the mop up art and APAs.

Here's my wish list mop-ups if any of my fans from the '80s wish to be helpful. Please send 300 dpi scans.

The January and November pages from the 1983 Leonine Calendar.

My "Elephant Boy" strip that was filler in on a Matt Feazell/Not Available mini-comics.

Pages 4 and 5 from the magazine sized version of Captain Saucer #7.

Brad Foster's Flexia pin-up from Captain Saucer #9

Color scan of July from the 1987 Leonine Press/HMASPC Calendar.

The two color xerox cover and "Large Economy Size" back cover from the commercial parody issue of Chuck Bunker/Chuckles Productions, either entitled Balder Dash or Diddley Squat circa 1986.

That strip with Pert Herman and my two balloon-chested girls from Sam Henderson/WLH publication Father's Mustache, probably issue #2.

That big two-page panel from "Fanboy; Bunny Train Redux/The Muse's Off Day/Dedicated to Sonic Youth.



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