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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Finally sold the house in Soldier, Iowa! I finally unloaded the white elephant that I don't live in anymore! Only after a few years and several dead-ends.

I'm going to celebrate by going down to have a gyro at King Kong and then drive up to the farm to work on the Studebaker Hawk and the Hondas.

Found a cool promo poster that I whipped up back in 1995 for the aborted Rip Off Press revival of InterStellar OverDrive. Not totally happy with the face and legs. Otherwise this was painfully done old school. The "InterStellar OverDrives" were xeroxed several times and rubber cemented down and cleaned up. Ink spotted in with a brush around those clippings. The figures cut out and rubber cemented and cleaned up over all that


Blogger I am the Lucky One said...

hey, um i noticed that you lived in Soldier, Iowa. My boyfriend lives there along with alot of my friends. Maybe you know them. Well write back

1:26 PM


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