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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

vegetative state

Finished scanning Lumpy before I went up to Soldier. That polishes off the Main Box. Now it's just down to mopping up whatever odd and end drawings that can be found. Waiting for Mom to come back from an errand in Council Bluffs so that she can run an Aunt's van over to the body shop, so that I can pick her up there. Making token dents in various little projects up here. Found out that the engine in the '47 Studebaker Champion isn't stuck. Will buy a battery for that and the Hawk tonight if Mom gets up here in time. Got my Orange Drop capacitors from Mouse. Trying to find some cans of black Rustoleum. Here's an alien inspired my a vague memory of a hanging air-plant. This has been on the drive for a while but I don't think that this has been posted here yet.


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