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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

can't get it out of my head....

One more day of IJP training!

And an old drawing of Flexia that I may or may not have posted before but can't remember....

Been on and off in enjoying a certain guilty pleasure on YouTube and beginning to really understand why I should feel guilty and why they got a lot of flack.

I did that drawing below that featured a mash-up of various items that didn't belong together and was named after one of their songs, "10538 Overture". I found out that things that don't go together were also happening in their old videos. And some very limited animation is making it even cheesier. Like reusing the same spaceship over and over again. Not like it's only a fraction as profound as it thinks it is.

Like cowboys and spaceships and a pegasus.

So what does the neon hot-dog, the baton majorette caricature, or the spaceship have to do with the song or even each other?

Slightly more thematically cohesive is this vid, but it's another sappy rewrite of "A Day in the Life" and the synthesized shooby-dooby-wop-a-bops are like the Moog Cookbook in real life!

And, of course, they wuz better before they went commercial....

Plus I just want to see if I can pull off the html for all these embeds and how it would look....


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