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Saturday, April 11, 2009

you can see where she gets it

Dinked around with a couple of files for Tube Punk, trying to warm up for getting back going on Sci-Fi Guy!

Just cleaned up a fresh scan of this oldie from the '90s of an early depiction of Leonina and Montue, Flexia's parents. This wasn't deliberate at the time, and I didn't figure it out until a couple of years ago, but don't they have a strong Freya and Odin groove going on?

BTW, "Lovely Leo" sounds like Yvonne DeCarlo and Montue sounds like Fred Gwynne.

The mental snag with Sci-Fi Guy! now is if I do one page a week, the story comes out much too frustratingly slow. I'm trying to alter my daily routine to be more efficient to do two or so pages a week. Otherwise, I may look for another artist (after a certain really bad partnership, an idea that makes me cringe three times over) or just pull the plug.


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