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Thursday, April 09, 2009

merkur memories

Was up at the farm on Tuesday and Wednesday, working on the Pinto and sending off der Merkurs. Merkur is rumored to be pronounced Furdt Zierrrra in its native German. There is still spotty snow in the hills lingering after the late season dusting from a few days ago.

The guys came all the way up from Kansas City to get what's left of the Merkurs after I picked over the turbo Pinto worthy parts.

I did have daydreams of putting the biplane spoiler on the red Merkur and fixing it up with a Red Baron motif with a broad white boy-racer stripe* with "Der Iron Krosses" in them. Tiny silhouettes of Spads and Sopwiths painted on the driver's door. along with a certain beagle and his doghouse.


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