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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

waiting to inhale

Just trying to slip a blog in before I catch the sunset here up in Soldier. Just hammering away on different projects. Got two trailer wheels cleaned up and painted and mounted to get a half finished trailer ready for whatever is the next step. Finished turning another dead scanner into a light box. Washed and waxed the Farmer's Cadillac. Hit an impasse in getting the cylinder honed and the valves ground for an old Honda ATC-90, either got to find the tools or someone with the expertise. Yanked another old tube radio out of another old Studebaker.

Too windy for RC plane training tonight. >:(

Funky old art from the 1985 Leonine Press Calendar.

Oddly enough, "Waiting to Inhale" was my first piece over at my Deviant Art site (link in sidebar) to hit 1000 views.


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