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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

it's been a hard day's night

Managed to scan in no less than five issues of Captain Saucer before work yesterday.

And then things got really hectic....

Had AFCS duty at work when three of the AFCSes decided to have some over the top problems. And then I got off work to find that the Farmer's Cadillac was towed to impound.

Spent two hours this morning getting it back. I was dumped off at the impound yard by an acquaintance from work and then waited for the yard to open. When they opened they didn't take checks or credit cards. So I walked seven blocks west over to a bank and waited for them to open. I grabbed coffee and a breakfast substitute at a convenience store while waiting. Then got my money and walked back the seven blocks and freed my poor pick-up.

I seriously need to find a answer to the parking problem. I was parked illegally because the place doesn't have enough employee parking. I need to find a legal solution, but that cycles back to parking illegally because that too has eluded me for the past year. Grrrr!

Plus, JHC! Why are they soooo obsessive about parking while a whole lot of nothing happened the three times that I've had car stereo stuff stolen? Double GRRRR!

I'm unwinding by watching some banned cartoons on YouTube and scanning Captain Saucer #20 and a folder of Flexia odds and ends. CS#20 was the last of the original series. The Flexia folder included a couple that eluded me plus quite a few forgotten items.

Random image: the Nazi Muppets from the 1984 Leonine Press Calendar. Certain people misunderstood it as an endorsement of the Nazis when it was obviously a putdown of the Muppets. Like are they bending over backward to misunderstand and badmouth me?


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