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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

that manga eye thingie

Starting to semi-leisurely scan in the old apazine stuff and finding a few forgotten items like this bright eyed cutie.

Here's an expanded Wish List of items that I would like some good clean xeroxes or 300 dpi scans of to fill in the archival gaps in Tube Punk:


1983 Leonine Calendar: January and November pages

1987 Leonine Press/HMASPC Calendar: July

Captain Saucer #7 magazine sized version, pages 4 and 5

Captain Saucer #9, Brad Foster's Flexia pin-up

"Elephant Boy" strip that was filler in one of the Matt Feazell/Not Available mini-comics.

JJ’s Platters ads

Large Economy Size two-tone and Cover

Losing Faith magazine: “Goddess/Muse”

Pert and the Hermanettes from Father’s Mustache

Rockin’ Ronnie T-shirt

Rip Off Press InterStellar OverDrive promo flyer and poster

Two color Flexia turn-around circa ’86-7


Photo of Dipple Hall “Nukleia and Aliens” mural at the IWCC Dorms

Maybe Published:

Bunny Train Redux pages 2-3

Bucolic Revelations

Had an hectic night at work last night after the power flickered and many DBCSes, DIOSSes, and their operators had to be babied to get back up and running. Plug lots of little repairs around that.

Running up to Soldier later today to take care of some legal stuff concerning selling the house and the usual errands and projects. Last time I tightened up the door handles and window cranks and adjusted the steering sector and passenger door on Mom's beater pick-up. I hope that she liked it.

Had a dream last night that there was a square block or two of a Leian community in Omaha. Mainly stores and the apparentments above them decorated to show their ethnic pride. Somebody gave me a CD of Flexia reading some recent Leian book that was translated into English.


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