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Sunday, May 28, 2006

beautiful chimera

The term mash-up didn't exist in the '80s, so I invented the phrase "beautiful chimera" to describe when I was doing that sort of thing. The Cseworld Leonine InterStellar OverDrive #3 was a menagerie of beautiful chimeras from the chimeric cyclops elfmimi to roadster tractors to mashing up Art Nouveau, Deco, Constructivism, WPA, and Social Realism. Also did a Dr. Frankenstein style sewing the thing together from an spotty xerox ashcan and originals that got cut-up for an improved version that never got finished. A more involved project than even recapping that Studebaker radio.

So why are chimera considered chimeric while gryphons and centaurs aren't?

Did a major update of my Deviant Art site yesterday. Link in sidebar.


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