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Monday, February 20, 2006

swan songs and retro-science fiction

I realized that I have four swan songish projects going on right now. IfCaptain Saucer and InterStellar OverDrive don't sell, the plug will be belatedly pulled on those. The remains of Fun Rockets is being sold off on eBay and the Holverson Designs plans are being denoted to Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe. Tube Punk is a career retrospective for a career that never quite took off.

I also realized that once you strip away the fantasy elements from "Amazons & Studebakers/Orwellian Graffiti" you have a pretty straight 1981 view of what middle to late '80s consumer electronics would look like. Except that they didn't turn out like that in the real world. Egad, I've been around long enough that even my straight SF has dated into retro SF!

OTOH, the retro streak pokes through with the circa 1950 round screen TV lost in the middle of it all.

The inked b&w version of Bossy is finished and posted at my deviant art site. Looking at drawing a new Fang pin-up for Work Horse Comics. Here's an update on Polly Phemus and Tube Punk since I'm at a loss at what to post for a picture today.


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