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Thursday, February 16, 2006

orwellain graffiti

Here's a thoroughly forgotten until recently rediscovered goof-ball drawing of mine from 1981. It's an attempted "finished" piece that could sure use tons more refined technique and polish plus some actual instrument rendering. Plus you have all these Heavy Metal, Prog, D&D, New Wave, and (then) near future S.F. inspired ideas incongruously thrown in together. I was a little bit too alone and isolated and insular and clueless up in Soldier to catch on that many these things were considered to be antithetical to each other. And desperately wanting to be somewhere else than stuck in stagnant and stifling Soldier and missing out and this stuff.

Although it could have been cool if some knowing smart-@ss would have done some genre bending (and breaking!) mash-up of Heavy Metal, Prog, D&D, New Wave, or near future S.F. I especially like the New Wave and Prog combo.

IIRC, this was the "Orwellian Graffiti" segment of a pipe-dream movie called Amazons & Studebakers that didn't have a reflection of a shadow of a ghost's chance of ever being made.

Had a restless night last night. Dreamed the I held my Dad's hand moments before he died. Which reflects his real world hospital room vigil from '92. Here's to all the future summer times that you and me never got to be burning in.

In real world it's 3° outside. Brrrr! Winter has to get itself in while it's still winter.

Maybe on some future date in the warm rose colored past, I'll go up to Castana, Iowa, share a six pack or doob with Professor Nelson A. Jessip, and watch the UFOs, "the veritable Studebakers of the gods!", take-off and land. ;)

"Venus and Mars are alright tonight!"


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