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Friday, February 10, 2006

go big red

Last night I had a dream that Dad, Grandpa Skow, and I were cruising in my '58 pick-up to a Chevrolet and GMC parts depot to get parts for it. The question with no answer was popped, "Why do they make both Chevy and GMC trucks if they're both nearly the same thing?"

In either in my early days of working at the USPS or the stretch between HP and the USPS, I had a dream that I was working on the old pick-up behind my house in Soldier and Dad and Grandpa drove up in the old gray LTD to check up on me and give me the okay.

I miss Dad and Grandpa. Selling the old pick-up was about like selling a beloved club calf.

Cropped and corrected some scanned Galactic Gazongas pages for Tube Punk. Those were almost cringe worthy. Not only was the thing a bit ill-conceived, but that reflected that I was going through a rough period in my life and I was trying to pick up the pieces and they often didn't quite fit.

Got dusted with snow last night.


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