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Saturday, February 18, 2006

the studebakers of the gods

More unintentional incongruity from 1981, complete with tape stains from when it hung on my wall. I just thought that these things looked cool together. This and yesterday's posting are about as least clunky and sucky as my art gets in '81. And this one benefited from the Studebaker being traced from a picture in a book, although altered to be another model. I will probably redraw this as an Elsa (the nekomimi-ish lioness) pin-up for Tube Punk.

Scanned in more oddness up to the folder of Studebaker comics. I'm almost afraid to look in the thing in case I see how many of these didn't survive. I'm surprised that my drawings of "dream pick-ups" from high school days haven't been unearthed yet. Also haven't found the four page strip of the Amazon also named Elsa or an early Berk & Bast spoof on the Daliks.

Got those last three panels penciled in on those four Captain Saucer pages, although one panel may get reworked for being a little clunky and bland. Those four pages are now in the process of being inked.

The temperature is still at a frigid 3°.


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