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Sunday, February 19, 2006

beautiful chimera

Here's mixing and matching mash-up of incongruous items when it's years later and wiser and more deliberate. I call it my "beautiful chimera". You have the futuristic and the nostalgic. Electronic schematics conscripted into letters. Detroit's (and South Bend's) crystalline chevron paired with an atomic trefoil punningly placed where the "8" or "S" or corporate badge would be. The beauty and the beastly. Overripe femininity with muscle-bound masculinity. The skiffy brass bikini and jewelry wrapped in an Earthly business suit. And yesterday's Studebaker and spaceship seem to have had a spiritual hybrid bastard love-child, with the futuristic and alieness of a flying saucer mixed with earthbound retro-50s automotive styling.

Rescanning some of the turn of the '80s stuff because I didn't like the color correction and I'm also shuffling around the structure for Tube Punk. The Studebaker cartoon folder turned up empty. May see if the local club has a good archive of their old issues.

It's warming up here, if not exactly thawing out.


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