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Monday, February 13, 2006

she winked at me!

Finished another Captain Saucer page. Got either four or six more to go depending on which version of the story I use. I'm trying to draw the Tube Punk cover based on this old Captain Saucer panel from 1984. This character predates Taronga Leela by about 20 years. Scanning through a handful of miscellany including the old Rip-Off Press/Magnecom InterStellar OverDrive ashcan.

Great moments in stereotypes: Porsche says that their average buyer is 45 years old. I had to snicker. So how many of these people left their wives to have an affair with some sweet young thing?

Pat Moriarity shows some tongue in check succinctness at it's most economical by leaving one word replies to my last few entries. Although sometimes he gets up to even a turgid two words and even a purplish three.


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