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Thursday, February 16, 2006

polly phemus

Getting pelted with some serious late season snow. Will leave for work early. Still scanning in oddball juvenilia. That old stuff is so inspired and idealistic and rough and naive all at the same time. Not knowing the conventions and not having a clue can really leave somebody open to inventiveness. I thought that I had found the "Nelson A. Jessup and the Studebakers of the Gods" script, a parody of Sun International UFO films scribed in 1980, but I was wrong. May have a folder of the comics that I drew for the local Studebaker newsletter. Down to a mental block on the last half page of Captain Saucer wondering how to compose three oddly set-up panels. Here's an in-progress look at the Tube Punk cover. Oddly, I got Polly Phemus' face correct right off the bat but her legs are giving me trouble.


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