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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

further fannish fumetti from phoenix....

Here's the second of the two Centuri Rocket Times pages spoofing Star Wars. A little too fannish to be exactly National Lampoon or MAD fumetti here. Maybe more like Cracked or Crazy..... I'm still giggling a little because they did a "they're not suppose to do that" pop-shot at Estes in yesterday's posting.

I found a CE3K spoof in a later issue that I hope to post tomorrow. I'm just down to scanning the '78 Centuri issues and this project is done.

Did get around to starting those pages yesterday. I was messing around in Freehand whipping up a mock-Nixie font for Tube Punk. Then went to a rocket club meeting and then up to Soldier.

Did a all sorts of errand running this morning. Hope to install the new in-dash stereo in the Farmer's Cadillac II and dink around with the Studebaker Hawk this afternoon before heading down to the "Big O".

The warm and optimistic Spring-like weather of a couple days ago has sure turned belatedly Wintery and chilly.


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