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Thursday, February 09, 2006

the third kind is the charmed....

Here's the Close Encounters of the Third Kind spoof from the Centuri Rocket Times.

Spielberg says that this movie is a simile for an artist chasing his vision and he's probably right, but couldn't this also be played as a simile for middle age crazy? Leave your unappreciative, messed-up wife and family, find a sweet young thing that understands you, and then go on that grand adventure.

I played couple of cynical tangents on CE3K as a first person point of view descent into madness. First our lineman for the county sees some funky lights in the sky which trips off the middle aged crazy and he goes more and more bonkers until he thinks that the nice people carrying him off to the funny farm are the grey aliens taking him to their home-world. The other darker version starts the same but ends with the aliens carrying him off actually being a near death experience brought on by ignoring the nerve gas warnings.

Didn't get a lot of drawing done on my days off but did do a lot of running and errands and did install that car stereo.

Got the Centuri scanning wrapped up and I am back scanning stuff for Tube Punk.

Did get a revised panel mostly redrawn before work. Which isn't great, but it's a lot more than I have gotten done on a lot of migrainey mornings.


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