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Friday, February 03, 2006

half-way back to the future

Passed a sort of a half-way point by having scanned in number 11 of 21 old Centuri tabloids. They flogged their Space 1999 rockets on the covers a few too many time in a row. Could have used some variation.

Put the finishing touches on one of those Captain Saucer pages before work. Many spotting the blacks, a little whiting out, and beefing up the inks. Reminds of after the InterStellar OverDrive F*U*N Book came out, I went back and beefed up the ink on some of those pages. Redrew quite a few others.

PVP Online did an affectionate, if darkish, tribute to Back to the Future today.

Random illo today. Sometimes I feel like a freak being right-brained and have the index and ring fingers to prove it.


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