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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"i know a great disco in mos isley..."

Still scanning through the old Centuri stuff and found these fannish deturnments of Star Wars from the 1977 Fall-Winter issue of Rocket Times. Here's the first of two.

My favorite panel, which I think is the funniest, is the one about Leia and her hair-do.

Kind of funny how half-tones were often dark and muddled back when it was a black magic art, before you could dial them in with Photoshop.

Story has it that Centuri originally licensed Star Wars before the movie's release, but through either circumstance or politics with parent corporation Damon, the rights were shuffled ever to sister company Estes.

So you have the original Star Wars with fan spoofing and model rocketry. How much more vintage '70s geeky can you get?

Correcting and altering some Captain Saucer pages before dinner as a warm up to staring four to seven more after dinner.

BTW, here's the URL of the annoying midi that I'm leaching. Whole site here. What says 1977 to almost the point of self-parody than Meco doing a flamboyant Disco medley of Star Wars music?


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