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Monday, December 12, 2005

we are the hampions

If I had to write the "Cyclopses" proposal again, maybe I'd describe it better like "Monty Python and SNL meet Warner Brothers and Jay Ward". Maybe I would differentiate it from Animaniacs, Raw Toonage, Bullwinkle, etc, by saying that unlike those animated variety shows, this one doesn't have the ridged structure like the first main characters segment then a filler segment or two and final main characters segment, this show just flows where it flows. That it's something more like the Heavy Metal the Movie or Liquid Television of animated comedy except that it will be created by a tight team instead of being sloppy and indulgent and it won't cop a hip attitude.

Here's the weakest complied page from the InterStellar OverDrive proposal, some Hampions and Sahlf the Oem and Qwertyuiop art from a 1993 ISOD comic book proposal (all would have less off-kilter figure construction if rendered now), a graph paper sketch of the Guardbot from the Sahlf story, and even the back cover of the 1984 Captain Saucer #8 for the Inols illustration.

Tomorrow is my day off. Maybe I'll do some Christmas shopping, return a certain hard drive, do that errand run up to Soldier, and wash the Farmer's Cadillac. And sneak in a lot of drawing on Captain saucer, too.


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