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Thursday, December 08, 2005

hacking and kludging

I'm over the worse of this cold, but still a little achy and have a hacking cough. Ran some errands in 8° weather.

One of the ironies of this proposal is that InterStellar OverDrive has been in the works since 1987 but I didn't have any decent art for this package. I would have liked to have time to work up some group pin-ups. One would be a Wayne, Winnie, Didi, Wilfred, and Ulviox group. The next would be of the Basts: Flexia (gone "semi native" in a banker's suit and vest, with nothing underneath), Montue, Leonina, and Pursia. Finally a group pin-up of several of the alien races.

I kludged something together with comic book panels and other random drawings and added handwritten notes like "V.U. Meter and Flexia R. Bast" and "Wayne and Winnie".

Also the synopsis wasn't quite what they requested, being a two-parter instead of a single stand alone episode.

INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE “Butterflies Fanning the Storms, Part #1: Bugs Between the Cogs”,
Synopsis of Part One of Two Part Pilot
By Doug Holverson

In a classroom with Flexia, as an eccentric looking student, is reading a report that about a big windfall of alien technology was given Studebaker in1957. At class dismissal, V.U. Meter, deadpan man wearing Government Issue black sunglasses and suit, intercepts Flexia. He tells her that their band, “The Psybatomic Byrdbath” has a New Wave oldies gig at Big Bill’s Studebaker dealership for the New ’06 models.

A tail-finned vehicle “Studebaker” is revealed to be a flying saucer cruising to the L4 Space Station.
Inside the space station, Wayne is printing out info on Delat, an alien who lied on his forms. Winnie tags along and they discuss how the Dragonmen are too crude to pull off their abuses of psychotherapy to cure their criminals. Outside of Bill’s office Wayne snags a smooch with his steady, Didi. Inside of Bill’s office, Big Bill orders a jittery Wayne to fire the offending alien.

Wayne tamps down the butterflies in his stomach and goes to the office of Ulviox, who is another alien and one that runs the nuclear department, is clowning around with Delat. Delat is proud of his spot on imitation of Ulviox. Wayne kills the fun by firing Delat. Ulviox is upset, is soon sidetracked to fix problems that require shutting down two out of three of the stations reactors.

Lighyears away, an abused patient of Dragonman psychotheray on a “’roid rage” makes an lethal escape and comes to Earth looking for trouble.

Next day, V.U.’s and Flexia’s band comes up to L4 to put on an old school Alternative Noise Band show. Winnie takes care of the band Wayne gets stuck with watching the crew that sets up the band’s equipment. Didi is annoyed the Wayne has been looking over Flexia.

At another docking port, the Dragonman departs from a passenger saucer. Delat who is about to leave, mimics Ulviox’s voice out of spite and makes a false report that the Dragon man is threatening the Reactors. He then drops the phone in a litter bin before boarding the saucer. This gets Ulviox in deep trouble with Security.

While supervising the set up in the Atomic Ballroom, Wayne gets conscripted to get pizzas for the band. Wayne runs down to Fermi’s Pizzeria and places an order. The Dragonman is sitting at table writing his grievances against Earthlings and mammals. Flexia pops in to get some beer. Wayne admires that her biceps are so big that he can put both hands around one and his finger tips don’t even touch and then makes a failed pass at her. Didi has watched this from a distance and confronts Wayne and then breaks up with him. After Didi storms out, Wayne vents his spleen about Didi and also the Psubatomic Byrdbath, “If somebody melted down one of the L4 nukes, it'll probably sound like their so-called ‘music’!”.

The Dragonman overhears this and grins evilly as he now knows how to wreak his vengeance against the Earthlings and mammals.

To be continued….


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