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Sunday, December 11, 2005

a boy and his goat

Here's the 'Boy and 'Goat illos of the rest of the cast. This is compiled from some new art plus old comics panels from the late '80s and early '90s. There's about three and a half conflicting cartoony styles here. Which is pretty good for somebody with a reputation for not having much stylistic variation. You can see a lot of my scattered influences: Ed Benedict and Iwao Takamoto at Hanna-Barbera, Don Martin, Anime and Manga, John Kricfalusi and Ralph Bakshi during the "New Adventures of Mighty Mouse" days. The Muse was redesigned to be less weird and fetishistical than the "Assyrian Myoo" version to just plain weird. Yet her personality stays the same. If I had better intuition when I drew her, I'd give her bat wings because she plays off the psycho bat teacher archetype. And why do those people gravitate to the whole spelling, grammar, English, and lit groove? I realized that I forgot to scan in Prof. Daysun when it was a little too late to get it in this proposal.

Fanboy & Scapegoat
Episode synopsis by Doug Holverson

The currently unemployed Scapegoat meets Fanboy when the 'Boy puts up a room mate wanted sign to help pay rent. Fanboy and Scapegoat then go job hunting to make the rent. They both go through the humiliation of endless interviews with junior Yuppies, who then hire some-body else, usually an old college friend or some shallow image person just like them. Or there are the interviews with good ol' boys that just want to hire somebody who isn't too talented, so that they wouldn't be shown up at work, plus be a beer-drinking buddy for after work. Scapegoat runs his chances by acing aptitude tests and running into "ignorant white trash ain't supposed to be that bright" bigotry. Fanboy flunks several aptitude tests, not being talented enough to flip burgers, but he’s too oblivious to be fazed. Fanboy and Scapegoat apply at Klosed Kliche Komics at different times. Scapegoat gets into an argument with B.B. Boomer over the 'Goat's Mensa membership. B.B. can't believe that the letters In Mensa aren't initials for something despite Scapegoat insisting that it's the Latin word of table. Fanboy then spies a Messing-house Nuclear Mop-up Division recruiting poster and applies. He gets employment after go-ing through rigorous psy-chological evaluation (MMPI parody), physicals, and banana-suited job train-ing. Scape-goat sees a “Help Wanted” sign in the window at Mom & Pop’s T.V. Sales & Service, which prompts him to beg “Pop” for a job. Pop acknowledges that the Goat has a lot of repair talent, but he’d already de-cided to hire his Brother-in-law, who just made probation, “Well, he had a lot of experience with car ra-dios and VCRs.…” Scapegoat ends up unemployed, spend-ing his spare time fixing VCRs of his idiot relatives and friends, who rarely show gratitude, and when they do it’s in ways like paying with homemade cookies. Fanboy, Ray Gamma, and Joanie Miro end up doing radioactive shtick mopping up at the Polyphemus Point Nu-clear Plant.


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