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Friday, December 09, 2005

sketchy details....

I prepped a bunch of Captain Saucer jpegs for Workhorse Comics while washing my clothes. Will finished up a couple of CS ads tomorrow.

Here's one of the weaker illo pages for the Fox and Film Roman contest: three pin-ups of varying quality, plus dipping into my rough sKetch collection. It was stuck in the middle to minimize damage. I had a nice pin-up of Pursia that I would have liked to use, but absolutely couldn't find.

INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE “Butterflies Fanning the Storms, Part #2: Don’t let the Gammies and Zoomies Bite!”,
Synopsis of Part Two of Two Part Pilot
By Doug Holverson

Wayne brings the pizzas to the backstage of the Atomic Ballroom for the Psubatomic Byrdbath to eat. Wayne strikes up a casual conversation that leads to Flexia showing Wayne how to single handedly flip someone, of any size.
That night at the Psubatomic Byrdbath show, Wayne is off in a corner bragging to a comely female that he knows a Leian Martial Arts move.

Next morning, Wayne wakes up hung over and has an Ulviox breaking in through an air vent. The Dragonman is really in the nuclear area and has everyone there captive, including Wilfred, Winnie, and Didi who were down checking up on things. Worse yet is that the security guards won’t believe him after the prank yesterday. Wayne has the temerity and impulsiveness to try to take out the Dragonman to win Didi back. The two head down to the nuclear area.
Meanwhile V.U. sends Flexia down to the technical levels to find a replacement for a blown tube in a guitar amp, “start at the Nuclear Level and work your way up.”

Wayne and Elvis get dressed in banana suits and are ready for the fight. The Dragonman is in the running reactor and is about to pull the control rods out. Wayne goes in and is severely over-matched and takes a beating. Bruised and weak-kneed he goes back in to fight some more because the alternative is certain death for everybody. Wayne grabs a fire extinguisher and sneaks up on the Dragonman from behind. Fear solidifies into anger as he beats down the Dragonman with the fire extinguisher. The Dragon throws a mighty blow, which Wayne blocks with the extinguisher, denting it. Wayne shoots the Dragonman in the eyes with frigid cold CO2. The Dragonman runs in pain from the reactor containment down the hall towards the elevators. Right then Flexia tries to exit but the Dragon crashes in to her. She decks him hard enough to knocksome teeth out and sends him back running towards Wayne. Wayne is stopped dead in his tracks with the Dragonman wobbling back towards him when Fang yells about using the move. Wayne flips the punch-drunk Dragonman over and he lands flat on his back and is out cold. Flexia comments to a trembling Wayne, who trying to catch his breath, that’s pretty good for a human, “he’s even bigger than my Papa!”

Ulviox frees Big Bill, Didi, Winnie, and others from being locked in nuclear storage. Didi and Winnie smooch up with Wayne who is still trying to shake off trembling from his ordeal. Big Bill orders Winnie to manipulate Flexia out of the picture to play Wayne’s heroism for a PR advantage.

Finally, the prank call has finally been traced to Delat’s cell phone found in a litter can getting Ulviox off the hook.


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