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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It's cold both externally and internally. Temperatures averaging around zero in the great outdoors. Got the sore throat and head ache virus inside of me. Will try to do some rough pencils on Captain Saucer anyway.

Here's the synopsis part of my Captain Saucer entry. That picture was colored in like 15 minutes when I was busking these things out on my days off.

By Doug Holverson

At the Captain Saucer franchise in the sprawling spaceport of Soldier, Iowa, Nevil Maskelyn, the current Captain Saucer ponders if Wingding use to be on the high school soft ball them, while Harrison sends her and SM-10 on an errand to the Post Office and commends a short cut through the City Park.

There’s a big honkin’ space ship in its natural habitat, outer space. Inside, half-awake and half-smart teenage evil space emperor, Laminar, is bummed because his concubine is not arousing him. He will give Earth an ultimatum to feel as mopey as he does or else it’s going to get “blowed up real good!”

Nevil, Harrison, and Bertha try to stream Emperor Laminar’s ultimatum over flakey dial-up. He will blow up the world at six o’clock if his demands aren’t met, and will crater the Soldier, Iowa City Park to give the world a taste of his destructive power.
In the Soldier City Park, Wingding and SM-10 stop to look up at the big flying saucer and how pretty the zap-gun is lighting up like a Christmas tree. And then there’s an Earth shattering Ka-Boom!

Harrison is aghast! He has to find a new maid. Then a charred Wingding squeezes and stumbles through the door. SM-10 isn’t so lucky or indestructible as she gives the beeping ashes to Jeff Jeff. Harrison sends Nevil and Bertha (and Wingding in case they need to be backed up with some muscle, er, maid service) up in the Nucle-O-Matic 190-XT flying saucer to Laminar’s ship to stop him.

The trio takes flies up and boards Laminar’s saucer. Wingding quickly falls through a trapdoor and gets stuck. Nevil uses a fire extinguisher to beat her the rest of the way through. All the commotion causes Nevil and Bertha to be captured by Laminar’s armed Minions. Bertha and Nevil are brought to the thrown room at ray-gun point. Laminar flirts with Bertha and is turned down. He sends Bertha and Nevil to the brig. A Fat Concubine and her Slender Friend feel jilted and conspire to save Nevil. Frustrated, Laminar decides to blow up Earth and sulks into the control room and presses the button.
Wingding stumbles out of another trapdoor in into outer space, fretting on how exposure to hard vacuum is lethal to her after over eight or nine hours. She’s standing in front of huge zap gun pointed at Earth, and it’s lighting up like a Christmas tree. Wingding sticks one chunky finger into the barrel and another chunky finger into her tiny ear. There is a big Miro-inpired Kablooie. Wingding unclenches her eyes in disbelief at the burst gun barrel curled up like a banana peel around her fingertip.

Fat Concubine is fakes a come-on with a Brig Guard, while Slender Concubine clubs him from behind. Fats snares the keys and unlocks cell door for Nevil. She throws the keys over her shoulder, and they fly through the bars of Bertha’s cell door and clonks her unconscious. When Nevil learns that it may be too late to save Earth, he makes the best of it by partying in the cell with the Two Concubines.

Emperor Laminar ponders that there is “No Earth Shattering Ka-Boom. I was expecting an Earth Shattering Kaboom!’ His Minion informs him that the zap gun had an accident. Laminar mopes about what other cruel prank fate would play on him. A seriously angry Wingding comes ripping through the doors and bulkheads. Laminar realizes that he likes girls if they’re man enough and asks her for a date. She shyly agrees, feeling that it’s probably a mercy thing for both of them.
Back on Earth, Jeff Jeff has salvaged and a lock nut and zener diode from SM-10’s ashes and merely replaced the other 471973067 parts and fixed him as good as new!

Bertha comes to, unlocks herself, and finds Nevil under the covers with a Fat and Slender Concubine, punches all three out and drags Nevil home by his collar.

The next day, Harrison video tapes a press release giving Nevil all the credit for saving the Earth from getting blowed up real good. When the camcorder is off, Bertha starts to throttle Nevil. Wingding storms outside, rips an engine out of a company car and lobs it over the horizon. Jeff Jeff comments, “Jus’ great. I just rebuilt the carburetor on that thing two days ago.”
Miles away, at the edge of a cornfield, the car engine thuds down next to a big stack of scrap iron with car engines, with a couple of boilers, an anvil, a boat anchor, a stationary engine, a steam engine, a dynamo, an oversized bull gear, a giant split pulley, and even an aeolipile. A grizzled old farmer deadpans, “Ya think that Captain Saucer place woulda fixed their bad office politics by now…”


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