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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

two weeks later....

Over at the Animation Nation site, somebody noticed that these proposals are front heavy with "large women". Oddly enough, I didn't notice that when I was putting them together.

Somebody else asked if I worked for Film Roman. I feel a little better knowing that I could be mistaken for an anonymous animation professional.

Talking about your large ladies, here's a couple of sketches that I did for my 45th birthday a couple of weeks ago. One is sort of my birthday as a "Bicentennial, Jr." thingie with fireworks, bottle rockets and model rockets. The other is Wingding jumping out of a cake putting the big in "Big 45".


Blogger Rupert Piston said...

Hey Doug, I think your big girls are more terrific than I can say. I thought your explanation of why you favor 'em was hilarious, whether truthful or fictitious.

I'm not sure how I came to favor the large 'n lovely, but your renderings of them are pretty flattering, in my opinion.

Keep it up. And happy belated.

1:56 PM


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