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Monday, November 28, 2005


Now that I ran out of "Dream Machines", I'm going to burn off the proposals that I sent into the Film Roman & Fox contest in the order that they were completed. Here's the "Cyclopses" proposal, as it stands . I really don't know how to write these things and I am just winging it.

Of course, I came up with better ways to articulate what this hypothetical show would be like two days after the proposal was mailed. Then again, if the show is done the way I would like to see it done, it would be hard to explain.

This was an idea that was thrown into the dust pan around 1980 and then dusted off for this contest. The original version would have had Star Truck and late '70s incarnation of The Feirds as the main reoccurring segments. Star Truck in long gone and buried. A fragment of the Feirds has been dove-tailed into InterStellar OverDrive. Just ask Big Bill or Winnie.

"Cyclopses"; A Series Proposal by Doug Holverson

“Cyclopses” is the working title for a proposed animated variety and variety show that cuts directly to animated fun and more animated fun and gets rid of deadwood of boring variety show things like hosts, guest stars, and musical guests. This show has nothing really to do with Cyclopes, outside of the occasional alien or monster walking through. “Cyclopses” will be a show that the viewers can consistently turn to for the joys of splitting a kidney. This show will have black out-and sketch comedy, be a clearinghouse of one-offs and random ideas, maybe a little experimentation, homages and parodies of classic animated cartoons, and will some short series with lots of spin-off potential.

The black out-and sketch comedy will be freed away from real people with real physics amp it up into something that utilizes into cartoon slapstick and hyperbole. Somewhat in feeling vaguely similar to the loosey-goosey freewheeling Pythons or Summer Replacement Variety shows of the ‘70s, although, “Cyclopses” will not necessary derivative of either of these. And of course, this will be as great as a former kid’s rose-colored nostalgic memories of Summer Variety Replacement shows, instead of as lame as they probably were.

The homage to the classics will be like the example of “The Pastiche Parables” which is not a cheep knock off of Jay Ward but an attempt to match the wittiness and style of the originals. Three are already scripted with “The Dumpy Little Princess” who stalks her Prince Charming, “John Henry Gets Spiked or The Hammer and Fickle”, and “The Car That Cried Alarm”. More are in progress

A classic cartoons parody would be like “Pugnacious Pussies” which is patterned after early ‘50s Warners and MGM cartoons. This certain romp is played so straight faced that when it veers into off-color territory, such as one feline female flushing another down the toilet in the men’s room, it will bring laughter of “they’re not suppose to be doing that!” surprise.

The short series with spin-off potential could be Captain Saucer, a Saturday morning cartoon parody; Fanboy and Scapegoat, a gallows humored update on a Bullwinkle style romp; and InterStellar OverDrive, a stylish space series.

By the way, “Cyclopses” is not the correct plural of Cyclops. The irregular plural of Cyclopes is correct. “Cyclopses” is just a deliberately incorrect plural that I thought was funky which I came up with in high school back in the ‘70s. I created the one-eyed smiley to go with the title at the time, too. Actually, this proposal is a revival of an animated variety show that I came up with in late junior and toyed with and pipe-dreamed about all through high school and a little while after. The hypothetical variety show was called “The Holverson Magneto and Spark Plug Company and “Cyclopses” was the name of a proposed theatrical spin-off. A personal in-joke explained.


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