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Sunday, November 27, 2005

dream machines #7

Still winding down a little from the two and a half week push to get those proposals out. To celebrate, I did have a Swiss mushroom burger at Runza yesterday and drew this blast from the past last night.

It's Star Truck, from a fannish Trek parody (is there any other kind?) that I did during my freshman year in high school, although I was screwing around with the idea during the previous summer. This spans 1975 and 1976.

Oddly, Star Truck is an ancestor to InterStellar OverDrive. Star Truck was dove tailed into the hypothetical Holverson Magneto and Spark Plug Company show which spin-off the equally imaginary "Cyclopses", which was telescoped down to Captain Saucer which then sprawled back out into InterStellar OverDrive. Some of this will be more clear when I post some of the proposals over the next few days.

Star Truck must be fairly obvious idea for a spoof. It was also popped in in Skip Williamson's comic strip for C.B. Digest, and on The California Raisins Special and Animaniacs.

Looking into doing monthly and weekly maintenance on my machine at the Post Office tonight.


Blogger skip williamson said...

Star Truck! That's a blast from my past. It's one of those things I wish would stay buried. But unfortunately, like farts in a bathtub it tends to bubble to the surface now and again.

I you'd like to see what I'm uo to these days please check out

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