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Sunday, October 23, 2005

because the first 10537 overtures were failures....

It's overcast, and I've had the 10538 Overture stuck in my head on and off for the past few days. I will make a futile attempt trying to get caught up in drawing Wingding and Captain Saucer.

Since these Spaces Cases have been posted in chronological order, here's a rough
sketch of an Anime based one. This was drawn during a incongruous feel good employee meeting back in Omaha in July 2004 about the upcoming Hewlett-P plant closing and unemployment. This also includes a cartoon steam tractor and a cat girl that looks well fed despite not liking cheesecake (it's a loopy Woody Woodpecker reference).

I was at HP until the last day and literally built the last computer at the Omaha plant. It was a ML-330 with an extra processor and hard drive.

What slightly burns me is that when HP closed their plants in Europe, all sorts of politicians came out to take token stands against it. Not a single politician from either party in the US said anything.

And I'm still sore about how both major parties snubbed rural America during the farm crisis of the '80s.


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