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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Does anybody ever post comments here besides the spambots?

Here's an early '90s depiction of Sophia, colored with markers, back in my Tohru Nishimaki wanna be mode. Along with Alice Chalmers/"Studezon" character. Studezons was an aborted project that was spun off from the Scapegoat era, aborted "Whatever Happened to Fanboy?" Studezons then spun off the finished Galactic Gazongas that an adult comic company reneged on its promise of publishing.

Sophia started was a weird parody amalgam of Gozer from Ghostbusters, Spideria from He-Man, and the Witch Queen from Richard Corben's Den for my own Epic F*U*N with Fanboy. At least in that era, I tried to do some fun things with some bad crazy.

Like Studezon being Studebaker + amazon, two of my most favorite and most desired and beauteous things in the universe.

Variations on the character were Joanie Miro, a pun based on a comment made by a stupid indie comic publisher critiquing my comics back in the '80s, and then there's the more chunkified "Bossy" from an aborted attempt at a Milkmaids of Mars sequel.


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