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Sunday, October 16, 2005

more dumpy characters

Cycling away from the big boob art and back to the big foot art, more sketches of the cast of the Dumpy Little Princess. They are in, in order: Dumpy Little Princess' Parents; the Prince's Parents; first draft of Prince's Guardsman, not to be used; first draft of the Dungeon Guard, not to be used; the dumb but dutiful Messenger when Dumpy was sending threatening love letters to the Prince was fast as she could write them and the Prince was guillotining them as fast as he could; the Constable that collared Dumpy after keying the Prince's royal carriage; the Prince's Guardsman, revised, who ejected Dumpy from the Prince's party that she paid for; and the Dungeon Guard, revised, for when Dumpy was grounded after attempting suicide, stalking the Prince, and angrily throwing cat-food at him.

Did do well but not great on last Friday's killer test. Don't know whether to be happy because I did well, or to be bummed because I didn't do great. :\


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