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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

fink different

Here's the first of my proposed Space Cases model rockets, the "Unhinged Flying Oddball". It was drawn up over Thanksgiving of 2003. It features a Jimmie huffered old school Hemi with the sight gag of two nuclear reactors in the place of dual carburetors. Although one could wonder why a rocket or UFO would need a hopped up V8.

I had a series of AFCS labs this morning and regular ol' class on deck for this afternoon.

Been getting in about three hours of drawing a day like I have been for the past few days. Add a sketch or two to my sketch book and then pencil in the good part of a page for the Captain Saucer revival. The Captain Saucer has mostly all new designs and they still haven't settled into staying on model yet.


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