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Thursday, October 20, 2005

is it wednesday or thursday?

You know how the days can get blurred together during the work week...

Here's the second of the Space Cases. This was drawn during the slack time during the two weeks that Compaq put me in a motel to work in their Indianapolis plant in the end of July 2004. That didn't advance my career any, put my life is probably modestly richer because of the experience.

This guy was sort of influenced by the "Safety Tip" cartoon character in the early '80s Estes catalog. Saftey Tip even popped up in their Apple ][ software. Maybe my guy is his evil fraternal twin. The engine is an earlier small block Chebbie with chrome valve covers and a Holley four barrel. Looks (too) familiar...

I also realized that I live in an time where you can see both the Missouri and Mississippi rivers in less than a hour's span on the flight over there.


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