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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

weird al & johnny rotten

Here's an example of my blind spot thing. When I drew this back in late '86, the women (drawn off the top of my head) and the poster (photo reference) looked equally "realistic" to me. It's like the art as gotten worse with age and wear, even thought it hasn't. Or one of those dreams where things change.

Also makes me wonder how well or badly that I'm accurately judging my own recent and current art.

I just wish that this old stuff wasn't so "unschooled" among a lot of other things. Just looking over my goofy art from the '80s seeing that a lack of mentoring was a real hamstring. I see a couple of bad trends both internal and external. I had a bad tendencies to be insular and self-referential (plus the above weird blind spot). These were made worse by the external forces of educators and comics people not being there or being unfriendly. Kurt and Pat and even "Lardboy" had artistic friends and family to trade tips and techniques with and even network. Lardboy had pro and fan friends helping out. I had none of that isolated in Soldier.

Also slowly getting Tube Punk back on track which is why I'm sort of rediscovering my '80s art. Like to communicate with Shon Howell again since he inspired these omnibus reprints.

Still scanning away on Andy Andres' Centuri tabloid collection. Got enough stuff to fill one whole DVD of uncorrected tiffs for him. As I start getting into the 1976 issues, my initial thought is: "OMFG! Has it really been thirty years!?!"

Will start an afternoon long sprint to get the new Captain Saucer pages finished. And then go up to Soldier after supper, and will keep sprinting up there if necessary.

Had my eBay hacked again. I think it was because I was pharmed with a shim page.

The previous sentence wouldn't even make sense a few years ago.

Which was close to my thoughts about Weird Al's "All About the Pentiums" when it came out.


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