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Monday, January 30, 2006

rocketry issues

In case you were wondering what the USAF Matador mentioned yesterday was. This cover was used for the Rocket Times "Special Centuri Aerospace Team Issue", issue #6 and issue #6-1/3. Don't know if there was an issue 6-2/3....

Scanned another '70s Centuri Catalog and a couple of '80s Leonine Catalogs. Phooled with point correcting some scans of my clunky '80s art. Still picking away on those four new Captain Saucer pages.

May go up to Soldier late tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday depending on whether Mom needs to borrow the Farmer's Cadillac to haul some new doors for her house.

Backing up my hard drives just in case. Currently backing up the iBook over a 802.11b connection which is interesting if a bit slow.


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