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Sunday, January 29, 2006

off the register...

Still scanning in that old Centuri lit. About three in out of twenty-some newsletters and catalogs. I'm wondering how many versions of that '75 newsletter with the USAF Matador on the cover were printed?

BTW, that photo of that missile also blessed a Ventures album cover.

Also the Tube Punk scannings are piggy backing off from this. There's some of my goofy '80s art with the key-lined Xerography. I wish that I was a lot less self-referential and a lot more tutored on figure rendering. Then again the comics people and the educators were largely not there or not friendly.

Now if I could just do something retroactively about that off-register thing....

Also stiff correcting model and on and off inking away on four pages for the Captain Saucer revival.


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