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Thursday, February 23, 2006

the Bast yet!

Finished coloring Flexia for WHC this morning despite being under a virus. The first color job on my Wacom!

Still not totally happy with the inks. Maybe will try to cycle back to aping that European fine line thing.

Pat Moriarity sent me a mash-uped mp3 of "Space Girl" by the Earth Boys. Funny stuff. "She looked at me with those big blue eyes.... All fourteen of them!"

Had a couple of dreams last night that there was some commotion in the streets protesting the way the distributers treat indie comics. As if that would ever happen in the waking world.... I was just keeping to myself clicking through endless windows of scans of my comic art.

Also a had dream that a certain '80s self-appointed and self-serving monarch of small press wanted to be my friend again. Or more likely it was a front to manipulate me for his own gain, belied by his dripping smug arrogance and condescension.

My sister and family had many neighbors rally around them and clean up the mess and give the two horses a proper burial.


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