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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

bad science fiction art

There's good news and bad news for today.

The good news is that I got moved over to day-shift. After spending most of this decade on swing shift, I'm glad that I have from 2:30 PM on to get caught up on a bunch of projects. Or punt the projects and find my own Flexia, Winnie, Sophia, Wingding, or Thomas.

The bad news is that somebody referred to my old Small Press Comics scans as "bad science fiction art". Ouch! Over at the PVP forum, somebody said that a perceived lack in his own art would get solved when somebody shows him how. That somebody to show how was never there for me in the '80s. Belatedly saw last year's Steve Jobs and Bill Gates joint interview over at one of Wired blogs. His Royal Steveness was talking about how you really have to love something to persevere in it. Well, a lot of love got killed when dog-piled by a cancellation, a smear page, and somebody defending the smear page. Plus I have a "survival job" that's better than what Comics could give me.

Otherwise, the dentist appointment went okay. Cancelled an errand run to Soldier because of predicted 7° weather. Finished cleaning up the rest of the art for Captain Saucer #19. Excerpted is a panel from the Fanboy filler story, featuring Fanboy making a Mini-Comic.


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