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Friday, February 29, 2008

word jazz

William F. Buckley, Junior is now flaunting his expansive verbosity in the ethereal hereafter. My late stepdad rubbed elbows with him back before he dropped out of Yale.

Former Omaha native, Buddy Miles, is also taking the dirt nap. He's famous for his jazz drumming and his uncanny resemblance to Charlie Burton.

Meanwhile, I'm had a fan from the '80s come out of the woodwork and ask me to contribute to his mini-comic. While elsewhere, I've been threatened to be kicked of the Yahoo Rat Fink group. If I had to do it again I'd be less angrily defensive, but my treatment was a whole lot more inappropriate than what I posted. If an outsider music/art aesthetic applied to rowdy and ornery '80s Small Press Comics isn't on topic, it sure doesn't miss by much.

Back cover from Captain Saucer#19, 1987.


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