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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

all tomorrow's parties

Been running outside to catch glimpses of the lunar eclipse. Some wise guy just had to schedule it on the coldest day in February.

Made some progress coloring on the never ending "Pimpmobile" drawing. Started cleaning up the Leonine InterStellar OverDrive #1(1988) and got the first four pages done. Still suffering from some tone deaf pacing and I want to choke my younger self self-referential art, but it does have a lot of positives. Retro Science Fiction before fandom got that point. A similar riff to the beginning of The Iron Giant and it has a predecessor of the "Roswell plot" years before it was cliched enough to be called the "Roswell Plot". Cribbing the Velvet Underground song title of "All Tomorrow's Parties" years before William Gibson did. Studebakers, including a truck without the hood, accurately drawn from memory. And it went on to be an A+ college journalism project.

Also ran grocery errands and cobbled together a stand for a LCD monitor that was given to me minus the case.


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