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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

flexia lite

Another one from the vault, because it sure isn't from the light-box, a page from Captain Saucer #11.

Yet another contradictory one with attempted William F. Buckeley and George Will surrogates. I wish that my art wasn't so herky-jerky and rough. I was that my political commentary back then was more sophisticated than a long running Reaganite and hippie bash. Also with pretty Pursia, who was Flexia-lite back when ol' Fang herself was underutilized as a spear-holder/enabler for Berkshire. Pursia, a.k.a.: "Boom Boom" Bast, didn't really develop much personality until she was recast as mommy's little sycophant when I wrote "Meat is Nature's Candy".

Worked overtime today and cleaned up another page from InterStellar OverDrive #0 from 1987.


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