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Sunday, August 05, 2007

the Bast of....

Pat Pat Moriarity gave me the idea to prune down the first Tube Punk book into a "best of" collection. At least that would be something that I could even get out this fall. The others would be more complete.

Here's the possible line up for the Best of:

The aborted 1998 InterStellar OverDrive revival.

The second series Captain Saucer 3+4 (CS meets Princess Nuclea + the first Weird Alien romp, possible deletes)

The second series Captain Saucer 11-13 or 14 (The Dune parody)

The MIlkmaids of Mars

1987 Leonine Press Calendar

The Leonine InterStellar OverDrive#0, Captain Saucer #19 (possible delete), Leonine ISOD #1, ISOD#3 (Cseworld, unpublished, borderline delete)

Fanboy the Comic Book That Comes Double bagged (plus the first Epic Fun Story, plus one or two Scapegoat strips)

UTI plus other misc early '90s art.

Holverson Designs + Fun Rockets (mostly the art)

previews and excerpts of the planned Work Horse Captain Saucer + ISOD revivals, and Dumpy/Tube Punk #1.

Omake: The Sisyphus Rock 'n' Roll script (very possible delete)

Any feedback on this?

I'm going to start a rough paste up to get a page count.



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