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Friday, July 27, 2007

"nice sandcastle...."

I finished up the the abandoned-alien-temple-thingie drawing. At least it came out better than the teenie fanzine art groove that I thought that it was heading for. OTOH, it's still shy of the journeyman-ness, let alone the "full French" bravura, that I was aiming for. I'm having "is the best I can do?" or "the best that I can ever do?" frustrations.

Not to mention it being three decades too late for flogging that teenie "I wanna grow up to be a Heavy Metal" artist, over two decades after being excluded from the Indie Boom that isn't ever coming back, and a decade and a half into a dying Direct Market. May tlansrated Manga kick your panties and capes. You narrow-minded fanboys lost a potentially good man to the public sector.

Anyway, based on a panel from the first series Captain Saucer #2 and a nod to some '80 or '81 sketches. Oddly enough, the biggest human artifact here is a flying saucer.


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