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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

icicle built for one....

Made an errand run up to Soldier that got way truncated because I was trying to work around and through a near blizzard. Did pick up my spare Ford A4LD transmissions to sell to a guy at work.

Cleaned up some pages from InterStellar OverDrive #0. Sort of slow going because there's a lot of Sanford Cloud White Fluid on those pages that have 21 years of rubbing and flaking off. Also more of a big sense of loss here, because I was trying to good something really good but was tripped up by my own blind spots and a regional fandom that was hostile when they should have been guiding. I'm especially looking at you, Des Moines.

For some reason, since I passed the threshold of half awake this morning, I've been psychosomatically smelling that farrowing house smell that just won't completely wash out of the hair and pores no matter how many times I scrub. Both old farrowing houses have been gone for years.

Maybe it had to do with a dream from last night concerning a kiddie book villain's goofy henchmen called the Poopheads. Which was pretty much what they literally were, mindlessly grinning piles for heads.

Back to overtime tomorrow.


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