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Saturday, September 02, 2006

seattle bound

Missed yesterday's posting because I had to run up to the farm and the family accountant to take care of some business before work.

Well, during the two weeks I was gone, they scrapped OCR5 and put in the CIOSS. Also moved all the ET lockers from the second floor up to the less convenient second floor mezzanine where they're protected with a door lock combination out of Space Balls. Also got a shipment of new radios which not only do that walkie-talkie schitck but also seem to have some messenger and cell phone functions.

The world has barely waddled into September and you can already feel cooler Fall weather settling in. Plus it has been either sprinkling or raining for a good deal of the day so far.

Here's a picture of Pat Pat, Jack, and me on the ferry to Seattle.

Belatedly thinking about two pieces of original art at the Science Fiction Museum. One was a Virgil Finlay etching from the '50s which was so clean, pristine, precise, and small. Possibly printed without reduction. The other was a '40s or '50s goodly sized Chesley Bonestell oil painting of Jupiter as seen from one of its moons. Jupiter was photo-realistically rendered looming large in the background while the moon's landscape in the foreground was a little looser and impressionistic. Sort of a stylistic gimmick, but it also echoes the depth of focus of a camera.


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