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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

shifting gears

This is sort of a shifting gears day. Didn't work on the car at all. Just picked up around the house, did some last minute washing, and got some bills and packages in the mail, and took care of a lot of other business.

Did wish that I could have slipped in seeing if the heater motor is shorted or adjusting the choke and idle before I leave.

Tomorrow, I'm flying out to Seattle to see Pat Pat. Wish me luck. The flight leaves at 6:30 AM.

Here's the "Lion Lady" with corrected face and leg from that work in progress.

PS: Squeezed off several model rockets in a sunset launch after last night's blog. Am glad that I didn't wait because the breeze sure picked up today.

Overheard at the convenience store: "If I had that I'd drop a 302 in it."


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