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Sunday, August 13, 2006

saucer crash

Finished recreating some '93-'95 and '98 InterStellar OverDrive art at had been cut up and used for something else or the rubber cement had fell apart. Pieced together about 65 files out of about 140 files. Tedious, but giving a feeling of satisfaction when it was all over.

My cable internet was apparently hit with a double whammy of flakey modem and flakey router. Have replaced the modem and have it connected directly to the big Mac. Things seem to be pretty stable so far. Wondering what to do about the router. I'm cut off from the laser printer and the other computers without it.

Here's an excerpt from the '93-'95 art for Rip Off Press that never get published. Bauhaus style aped on skiffy hardware, Chibi parody of a really old school Mac crash, and a really healthy, mock-Teutonic alien babe.


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