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Monday, August 07, 2006

universal corner

I've kind have been burnt out on blogs. Especially the embarrassment of posting something when I don't have anything new to say that day. Plus I've been sidetracked by life and projects.

Like installing the timing belt in the Pinto a cog or two off. Will fix on my next day off.

X and the Rollins Band was playing down the street the other night and I missed it because I was working the swing shift. Did drive by Sokol on the way home and heard a bit of "I'm Coming Over" blaring out of the building. Made this old New Wave heart nostalgic.

So I have an Alternate Rock outlet down the street, something that I would have died for back in the '80s, and I'm no even partaking in it. I need to get on the day shift to enjoy it. Plus find an S.O.

OTOH, Exene, Henry, and me are twenty some years older and past our primes than what we use to be.

Back to piecing together a couple of old comics from art that doesn't exist in it's original form anymore. Some piebald pages are from like four different sources. It can sure get tedious sometimes.

I'm flying out of Seattle to see Pat Pat Moriarity in a couple of weeks. The way things are going, I wonder if I will be able to take my iBook or cell-phone onboard.

Here's a random sketch.


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